About Chris

gridChris Rhyss is Editor of Digerati Magazine. He’s a sought after event MC and speaker who has worked for some of the world’s most successful digital brands, including NewsCorp, Sensis, Blockbuster and Clemenger BBDO.

Over the course of an almost 20 year career, Chris has led the digital overhaul of Blockbuster Australia, launched Australia’s #1 finance news brand, been the Program Director and Chair for iMedia and ad:tech events across APAC, and most recently founded industry trade magazine Digerati in partnership with IAB, AIMIA, ISMA & LBMA.

His deep understanding of how digital is disrupting and reshaping business and marketing is indisputable, and his solutions are intentionally challenging. As a Digital Protagonist, Chris recognizes the power and potential of digital, whilst fully understanding the many challenges brands often face becoming truly digital.

Chris believes the digital disruption that is occurring worldwide presents both an opportunity and a threat, and that confusion over the practical application of the near incessant stream of emerging technologies is the #1 challenge businesses and marketers face today. Learn more…


Chris is a former soldier turned digital media professional, author and speaker. After spending a decade as a Combat Engineer in the Australian Army he has spent the past sixteen years in the digital sector leading strategic projects for some of the world’s most successful digital brands.

In 2010, he undertook a yearlong sabbatical from corporate life to commence a research project designed to answer a REALLY BIG QUESTION: do we ever have a good reason to kill?

Over a five-year time span he researched and interviewed over 200 people on controversial topics spanning euthanasia, abortion, child soldiers, infanticide, state execution, terrorism and honor killings, before writing Good Reasons to Kill, the first book of its kind, sharing the stories of people who by choice or circumstance have had to confront the biggest morality dilemma possible.

In 2015, Chris delivered a TEDx talk entitled The Uncomfortable Truth Between Right & Wrong.