An open letter to everyone and anyone who can read…

Nobody writes letters anymore and the world is poorer for it. So, I’m breaking with tradition and writing this open letter to…well…everyone.

Dear you,

We haven’t met – unless of course you’re that ridiculously attractive girl with the hazel eyes I met recently, or you’re my mum, or the guy at my dry cleaners who calls me Gary for some reason – but I wanted to take this opportunity to write to you so you have that rare pleasure of receiving a handwritten letter that was personally addressed to you.

It’s a gift of words, of sorts…

Wherever you are right now I hope this letter finds you well, happy, loved up and at peace. It seems like a fairly personal thing to say to a stranger, but it has to be said. You notice I didn’t say ‘I hope this letter finds you cashed up, with a great job title, large genitals and a shiny car’. There’s a good reason for that – none of that shit matters one bit. Sorry for swearing the first time we meet, but it has to be said. I know from personal experience that shit ain’t real. Yes, it’s good to have, but nowhere near as satisfying to the soul as being well, happy, loved up and at peace.

If I’m to be honest, I think happiness has become somewhat ephemeral and elusive, so I genuinely hope you are happy for whatever particular reason makes you happy. If you’re not yet happy, notice I said yet – because happiness comes to those who want it – I hope it finds you soon. If you’d like a happiness tip, here’s one: find something you love and let it kill you. Seriously, let it consume you and own you. We need passion as fuel to live.

I know that I’m talking about here.

I worked for years in jobs that paid me ridiculous amounts of money just to talk to people, and whilst it was mostly fun having an endless bar tab, it was chipping away at my soul to the point it almost pulled me under. Nowadays I mostly bounce out of bed, so I hope you do too. And I hope you have someone that gives you butterflies. That’s the passion thing, how much higher do we soar when we’re on fire inside and being held tightly on the outside? You know what I mean, you’ve been there. If you haven’t, if you’ve yet to fall and be giddy and ineloquent when you see the object of your affection, then be patient, they’re out there.

My final wish for you is that you find peace, wherever you are. The moment we outgrew those imaginary friends we had as kids we start hearing voices. It’s so true. Bet you’re doing it right now, subvocalizing, thinking about your thinking, hearing some internal dialogue critiquing and commenting on everything you do, think and say. So I hope you’re inner voice is a peaceful one. If it’s not, lend it no sway. Let its nasty little jibes wisp away without taking it personally. When you hear it, thank it for its council and then think about fluffy bunnies or go to Google and find hours of videos of cats riding vacuum cleaners. Watch those cats work their magic and smile outwardly and inwardly.

Trust me, if you’re inner coach ain’t on your team, then I say drown that f@cker out.

OK, well it’s been a pleasure talking at you. I hope you write back as I would like to hear if you’re in a good place too. If you need help I’d be happy to send you links to cat videos. Please, stay safe, stay cool, kiss a stranger when you’re ready – they’re all strangers at first – and don’t take life too seriously.

Then again, don’t take it for granted. That would be even worse.

The world’s your canvas, my friend, so go paint!

And write me back, don’t be a stranger:)

With love,