Good Reasons to Kill

Good Reasons to Kill: An Anthology of Morality, Murder & Collective Madness. Now available on Amazon.

Around 500,000 people die on this planet every year as a result of intentional violence and homicide such as war, terrorism, domestic violence, infanticide, gang violence, honour killings and state executions.

  • But is killing ever justified?
  • Should you kill to protect someone you love?
  • Is killing for your country patriotism or murder?
  • Is the death penalty justified or vengeance?
  • Is one human life worth more than another?

As a former soldier, I accept that soldiers die during times of war, but what I cannot understand is why so many people die from intentional violence and murder. So I went in search of answers…

I began my search back in 2010 when I spoke with the world’s leading euthanasia campaigner, Dr Philip Nitschke, to better understand the emerging debate around people having the legal right to die with dignity. I then spent the next five years seeking out other people who had by choice or circumstance taken another human life.

Over a five year time span, I investigated subjects spanning homicide, war, euthanasia, abortion, child soldiers, infanticide, state execution, terrorism and honor killings to understand why we kill. Then I wrote, Good Reasons to Kill, an anthology of stories which aims to make a reader ask – what would I do in the same circumstance?

This is what I’ve learned…

I’ve learned that parents will kill to protect their children, and children will help their parents die with dignity if asked. I’ve learned that soldiers kill for the very same reasons that terrorists do, and that men of faith will kill in support of their beliefs as readily as mad men will kill children.

I’ve learned that whilst we openly rage about terrorists killing innocent people, we give far too little attention to the countless baby girls who die in China and India, and the brothers and fathers who kill their sisters and daughters over matters of honour.

I’ve learned the world we live in is far more gray than black and white.

We live in a world where those who would choose to do the worst things for the best reasons – say, help a parent die with dignity or take lives in service of country – exist in the very same world as a (thankfully) smaller percentage who are fundamentalist, selfish and cruel.

Above all else, after speaking with soldiers and doctors, preachers, parents and vigilantes, one thing has become abundantly clear: like it or not, when it all comes down to it, we all have a good reason to kill…


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